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If your computer is more than a year old, you will undoubtedly have noticed that it is beginning to slow down quite a bit.  This makes it harder for you to use the computer and everything you need to do takes longer.   Although this is basically what happens to every computer as it is used, there is no reason to suffer with it any longer.  You can take certain steps to improve the performance and speed of Windows XP to make using your computer a joy again, instead of a chore.

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Fix Windows XP Slow PerformanceThe problem is, that as you use your computer, you inevitably add programs and files, and these use up more and more storage space.  The less storage space, the slower Windows will run.  You will probably notice that pop-ups are beginning to sneak in as well, regardless of your firewall.  These problems will not get any better, and the sooner that you repair them, the sooner Windows XP will run faster again.

You might begin with a complete viral scan of your computer.  As these insidious pieces of malware get in, they slow your computer down, at the very least.  Depending on the antivirus program and how many programs, files, and downloads are on your computer, this may take a considerable amount of time, so this should be taken into consideration.  A partially run antiviral will not do the job.

Getting rid of the software that appears when you start your computer up is also a good way to get Windows XP running faster again.  These software programs all use storage space, and if they are not necessary to your computer use, it is best to get rid of them.  As some of them might be part of larger programs, however, check online to see whether they can be removed without any ill effect for your computer.

Click Here to Do a Free Scan of Your Computer to See Why It is Slow

Fix Windows XP Slow PerformanceDefragmenting your hard drive will also help to free up storage space and help Windows XP to get moving again.  When fragmentation occurs, the storage space is split up into tiny segments, and programs are often found in several locations, rather than in one spot.  This slows retrieval of that program when you want to use it, and generally contributes to a slow systems running.  Windows has a defrag program right on the computer, and it is easy to use.  You will need to go to ‘Start’, open it up then double click on ‘My Computer’.  After that, right click on ‘C’ drive and then left click on ‘Properties’.  Once there, click on ‘tools’ under the ‘Properties’ window.  After that, click on ‘Defragmentation Now’.  Once again, like the virus scan, this will take time, so plan your computer use accordingly.

By far the best option for fixing slow Windows XP is to use a registry cleaner.  As time goes by and you install and remove programs, bits of these programs can get left over and begin to cause computer clutter.  Registry cleaners will remove these remnants and also any errors that may have crept in.  Most of them have a back-up feature as well, so that if something is cleaned that should not have been, it can be restored. The great thing about most registry cleaners is that you can install and scan your computer for free.

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Fix Windows XP Slow Performance

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